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Census 2021 House Hold Apps download | Census 2021 Mobile App

Census 2021 House Hold Apps download | Census 2021 Mobile App House listing and Housing Hold door-to-door through a mobile phone application Office of the Registrar General Census 2021 mobile phone application

Census 2021 House Hold Apps download | Census 2021 Mobile App

Census 2021 House Hold Apps download | Census 2021 Mobile App

The work of National Population Registration (NPR) will be carried out along with the stage of the list of houses. During the census, people will have the facility to register their own calculations online.

The Registrar General and the Census Commissioner said amid the ongoing controversy over the NPR process that the census data is confidential and it has been guaranteed under the law and those who violate it will be punished.

The rgi said that the confidentiality of your data is guaranteed under the Census Act, 1948 and the same law also provides for penalties for people and census officers who violate the provisions of the rule.

In another tweet, RGI said that the Indian census is the largest administrative and statistical work in the world with more than 30 lakh people working and costs about Rs 8,700 crore. The phase of listing of the Census, 2021 will continue from 1st April to 30th September 2020.

The reference date of census is 1st March 2021 but for snowfall states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand it will be 1st October 2020. Some state governments have announced that they will no longer participate in NPR. The assemblies of Kerala and Punjab have passed resolutions against NPR.

Kerala to conduct its census: The state cabinet of the Government of Kerala has decided to inform the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India that it will conduct its census. Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isak informed both the bodies that they will not implement the National Population Register (NPR). This comes after Kerala passed a resolution against CAA, NPR.

On the decision of the state Government, Thomas Isak said, “It will be contradictory in Kerala as the Assembly has unanimously adopted a resolution against NPR and it has to be kept along with the census. People will not cooperate. This is an issue on which Kerala is united.

Census 2021 officials discuss strategy –

Preparations for census 2021 have commenced at Prayagraj. In the first phase, NPR (National Population Register) will be prepared in 45 days. For the first time, census will be done through mobile app. For which the employees will be given training first. According to officials, the population of the district has reached 80 lakh. One block will be cut on every 800 people and one enumerator will be deployed on each block.

2021 Census Data collected

Will calculate the houses for NPR and prepare the list. In the meantime, the information of the house and its occupants will be sought as per the direction given on the mobile app. A supervisor and supervisor (charge officer) will be deployed on six to eight enumerators who will monitor the work of the enumerators.

Census 2021 House Hold Apps download

The central and state government employees will be posted as enumerators and supervisors. The first phase of work has been ordered between 16th May to 30th June by director, Directorate of Census Affairs, Narendra Shankar Pandey to all the major census officers (DM) of up. It has also been ordered not to appoint enumerator, supervisors and supervisors who are retiring on or before 31st March 2021, or they are disabled. Women suffering from incurable disease and pregnant women have also been asked to keep away from this work.

How to Download Census 2021 Mobile App

  • Firstly Download Census 2021 App [Census 2021 App Version Download]
  • Now Install & Open Census 2021 app.
  • Enter Your Registered Mobile Number as User id & Password
  • Now you have to Select Your “State Code
  • That’s it, You have successfully signed in.Now you can Use Census 2021 App.

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