PM Narendra Modi Speech on coronavirus LIVE

By | April 10, 2022

PM Narendra Modi Speech on coronavirus LIVE Narendra Modi on Coronavirus Live News Updates PM’s appeal: Impose public curfew from 7 am to 9 pm, do not leave the house if not necessary in the rest of the time PM Narendra Modi Address Nation Today on Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) After Coronavirus Cases In Rise In Mumbai Delhi and Maharashtra

Narendra Modi Speech on coronavirus LIVE

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation Thursday evening over the Corona crisis. He said the world is reeling under epidemic today. I need a week’s time from the countrymen. We escaped from the corona, it is not right to think. We have to resolve our self-restraint to defend ourselves. Modi has appealed that people should be put on curfew across the country from 7 am to 9 pm on March 22, to sensitize the people about it. Also, do not exit the houses in the rest of the time. The 60-65-year-old also stay isolate for a few weeks.

PM Narendra Modi Speech on coronavirus LIVE
PM Narendra Modi Speech on corona virus LIVE

My dear countrymen! The whole world is currently undergoing a very serious phase of crisis. Usually, when there is a natural crisis, it is confined to some countries or states. This time there is a crisis that has put the entire human race around the world in peril. When the First World War took place. For the past two months, we have been constantly watching the alarming news from all over the world. In these two months, 130 crore citizens of India have fought against the global epidemic like Korana. All the countrymen have also tried their best to take necessary precautions, but for the past few days, there has been an atmosphere as if we are left out of the crisis. ”

You give me a week

It looks like it’s all right. This idea of being relaxed by the global epidemic is not correct. So, every Indian is conscious, it is very important to be vigilant. Friends! Whenever I have asked you, I have never been disappointed by the countrymen. It is the strength of your blessings that we are all moving together towards our goals and have succeeded. Today, I have come to ask all of you, 130 crores of countrymen, to ask all of you. I want a few weeks to come. You need some time to come.

My dear countrymen! So far, science has not been able to suggest any definite measures to avoid the corona epidemic nor has it become a vaccine. In such a situation, everyone’s concern is very natural. In countries in the world where the virus and its impact are being seen more, there is another point in the study. After the initial few days in these countries, there has been a sudden disease blast. The number of countries infected with corona in these countries has risen very fast. The Government of India is fully monitoring the track record of spreading this global epidemic on the situation. However, there are some countries which have also made necessary decisions and have handled the situation by isolate more and more people and the role of citizens has been very important. ”

130 countrymen have to take a resolution

“The corona crisis is not a normal thing on a country that is striving for development with a population of 130 crore like India. Today, when the epidemic is seeing a cascading effect in the big developed countries, it is wrong to believe that it will not have any impact on India. Therefore, two key things are needed to combat this global epidemic. First, resolution. Secondly, restraint. Resolve and restraint. Today, 130 crore countrymen have to make their resolve and firm that we will perform duty as a citizen to prevent this global epidemic. Will follow the guidelines of the central government and the state governments. Today, we have to resolve that we will avoid being infected and save others from being infected. ”

We need to remain healthy

“Friends! The same mantra works in such a global epidemic. We are healthy, so the world is healthy. In such a situation, when there is no medicine for this disease, it is the first necessity to remain healthy. The second imperative is to avoid this disease and to remain healthy. And what is the method of moderation? Avoid ing crowds, avoid getting out of the house, nowadays which is being called social distance. In this era of corona global epidemic, social distanceising is more necessary and effective. Our resolve and restraint are going to play a big role in reducing this global epidemic. If you think you are okay you will not do anything.

If you continue to go to the streets in such a market, it is not a thought that you will be left out of the corona. By doing so, you will do injustice to yourself and your family. I urge my countrymen to exit your house only when it is necessary for a few weeks to come. Whether it is work office, business, do it from home. Those who are in government services, are connected to the hospital, there are media persons, there are public representatives, their activism is necessary. But all the people of the society should isolate from the rest of the crowded celebrations. ” Narendra Modi Speech on corona virus LIVE

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