Rajasthan Pharmacist Recruitment 2024 rsmssb pharmacist vacancy

By | March 1, 2024

RSMSSB pharmacist recruitment is out Rajasthan Pharmacist Recruitment 2024 rsmssb pharmacist vacancy applications will be accepted from 2024 advertisement for the posts of Pharmacist on Regular Basis Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Services Selection Board

rsmssb pharmacist ? vacancy 2024

Online examination for ? posts in Pharmacist Direct Recruitment Exam to be held on 19th April

recruitment of pharmacists stuck for the last two and a half years has been cleared due to coronal, change in rules and other reasons. If everything is right, the recruitment process will start this month. The medical department had also proposed to increase the number of posts from 1736 to 4105, which has been approved by the DOP and the Finance Department. Only the cabinet decision is left. The responsibility of recruitment test will be entrusted to rajasthan staff selection board.

Rajasthan Pharmacist Recruitment 2024 rsmssb pharmacist vacancy
Rajasthan Pharmacist Recruitment 2024 rsmssb pharmacist vacancy
Rajasthan Pharmacist Recruitment 2024 rsmssb pharmacist 1736 vacancy
Rajasthan Pharmacist Recruitment 2024 rsmssb pharmacist 1736 vacancy

Political and Administrative System of Rajasthan
Rajasthan Pharmacist Recruitment 1736 posts of pharmacists will be recruited on behalf of Rajasthan Staff Selection Board. Pharmacist direct recruitment test-2018 will be held on 19th April. After the free drug scheme and the Bhamasshah health insurance scheme, the demand for pharmacists across the country is being recruited in their posts. The contractual pharmacists in government hospitals will also be given additional marks as per the time period in this recruitment. About 2,000 youth from government and private institutions across the country are doing diploma and degree courses in pharmacy every year. rsmssb pharmacist 1736 vacancy

Under the free drug scheme, 18,000 drug distribution centers are being run in all government hospitals in Rajasthan, but 2687 government pharmacists are working on them. These pharmacists have a great opportunity to get government jobs for diploma and degree candidates. The examination will bring 45 questions of general knowledge and about 105 questions of pharmacy. Pharmacists will be recruited for 1538 in non-scheduled area and 198 total 1736 posts of scheduled area in direct recruitment. This paper will be online.

As follows: Pharmacist Recruitment Course
General Knowledge: About 45 Questions rsmssb pharmacist 1736 vacancy

  1. Major Sources of History of Rajasthan
  2. Major Prehistoric Civilizations of Rajasthan
  3. Major Dynasties of Rajasthan and their Achievements
  4. Mughal-Rajput relations
  5. Key Features of Architecture
  6. Important Forts, Monuments & Structures
  7. Religious Movements and Folk Deities of Rajasthan
  8. Major Paintings, Styles & Handicrafts of Rajasthan
  9. Major Works of Rajasthani Language & Literature, Regional Dialects
  10. Fairs, Festivals, Folk Music, Folk Dances, Instruments & Jewellery
  11. Rajasthani Culture, Tradition & Heritage
  12. Important historical tourist destinations
  13. Prominent Personality of Rajasthan
  14. Princely States of Rajasthan and British Treaties, 1857- Jan Andolan
  15. Farmers and Tribal Movements, Tribal Movement
  16. Integration of Rajasthan
  17. Political Awakening and Development of Rajasthan – In special context of women Rajasthan Pharmacist Recruitment
  18. Governor, Chief Minister, State Assembly, High Court, District Administration, Rajasthan Public Service Commission, State Human Rights Commission, Lokayukta, State Election Commission, State Information Commission, State Commission for Women
  19. Public Policy, Legal Rights and Civil Rights Letter
  20. Local-self-government in Rajasthan: Rural and urban exit, salient features, structure, powers, problems, 73rd, 74th Constitutional Amendment Bill
  21. Major Trends and Important Footprints of Post-Instrumentation Polity Rajasthan Pharmacist Recruitment
  22. Contemporary Events
    The examination will have about 105 questions from the pharmacy. Different questions will be asked from different parts. Among them are Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology, Human Anatomy & Psychology, Health Education & Community Pharmacy, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Jurispropines, Drugs Store and Business Management There will be questions of etc. All questions will be asked from different chapters.
    Geography of Rajasthan
  23. Status & Extension
  24. Main Physical Department: Desert Region, Aravalli Hills, Plains, Plateau Region
  25. Runoff System
  26. Climate
  27. Soil
  28. Natural vegetation
  29. Forest and Wildlife Conservation
  30. Environmental and Ecological Issues
  31. Desertification
  32. Agro-climatic regions and major crops
  33. Livestock
  34. Multipurpose Projects
  35. Irrigation Projects
  36. Water Conservation
  37. Transportation
  38. Mineral Estates

rsmssb pharmacist 1736 vacancy Pattern of Question Paper All questions will be of objective type. 150 questions will be asked in the paper to be 150 points. The paper will be three hours. The points of all questions will be the same. One-third of the integers of the said question will be deducted from the marks obtained when a question is wrongly answered. The minimum pass point for selection is 40 percentage points mandatory. If adequate number of candidates are not available up to the minimum pass as per the reserved posts in a particular category, the board can exempt the minimum pass to the extent of vacant posts in that particular category.

In 2018, Rajasthan Pharmacist Recruitment the recruitment was re-invited, new applications were sought
The pharmacist was withdrawn in the direct recruitment test 2018. During that, there was no recruitment due to administrative reasons. Then, by removing the revised order, the applications were sought again. The old candidates were given the opportunity of the date of experience, correction. rsmssb pharmacist 1736 vacancy

Candidates should focus the most on these topics and questions
Subject expert principal Pyarelal Bhaskar said that the examination runs the same syllabus across the country on behalf of the Pharmacy Council of India. Candidates should make the topix preparations for the highest biochemistry. It will ask questions of the ology of bald, bio-chemistry of urine.

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