rajasthan nagar palika election 2024 lottery results nagar nigam

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rajasthan nagar palika election 2024 lottery results nagar nigam nagar palika/parishad Reservation Lottery results today Nagar Nigam Election Results 2024 Rajasthan Nagar Palika and Nagar Parishad by-elections results 2024 will be declared today. The counting of votes for bypolls results Rajasthan Nagar Palika and Nagar Parishad By-Elections 2024 Results: Check List of Ward-Wise Winners

rajasthan nagar palika election 2024 lottery results nagar nigam

rajasthan nagar palika election 2024 lottery results nagar nigam
rajasthan nagar palika election 2024 lottery results nagar nigam

rajasthan nagar palika election The 196 municipal bodies of The Country were evacuated on Sunday in the auditorium of the Autonomous Governance Building. In which 10 Municipal Corporations, 34 Municipal Councils, Mayors of 152 Municipalities, Chairman and Chairman, The Latairy were removed. Speaking on the occasion, The Secretary of The Department of Autonomous Governance, Bhawani Singh Detha, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Jaipur V.P. Singh, Additional Director, Department of Autonomous Governance, Dr. Praveen Kumar, the body representative of 193 cities was present. rajasthan nagar palika election

Three days ago, UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal announced the withdrawal of the lottery of some 196 bodies, including three new municipal corporations, on October 20. The lottery of body chiefs of the state was taken out on Sunday in the same cradle. Representatives of both the major parties of all the cities reached Jaipur. In front of him, Secretary Detha got a slip of the lottery of every city through a child. The category that emerged in the slip was considered as the final lottery showing the public representatives. rajasthan nagar palika election 2024 lottery results nagar nigam
Udaipur Division
Devgarh SC
Paratapurgarhi ST
Kanode ST Women
SkilledGarh ST
Dungarpur ST
Fatehnagar ST Women
Pratapgarh OBC Women
Cotton OBCs Women
Udaipur OBC
Amat Obc
Ramsamand Obc
Binder Normal Woman
little lady
Rawatbhata Normal Woman
salumbar general
Banswara Normal
Sagwara Normal
Chittorgarh General
Nimbahera Normal
large silt
Begu Normal
Nathdwara Normal

Ajmer Division
Ajmer ST Women
Beaver ST Women
Kishangarh General
Crab Obc
Pushkar Normal
Sarwar Normal Woman
Vijay Nagar OBC Women
Bhilwara Normal
Gulabpura Normal
Gangapur OBC
shipwreck general
Mandalgarh Normal
asind normal
Nagore normal woman
Macona normal woman
Mertacity Normal
Dewana Women Normal
Kuchamancity Normal
Parbatsar Obc
kuchera normal
Ninth ST
Manduva Normal Woman
Degana ST
Tonk Normal
deli general
niwai general
Malpura OBC Women
Todaraisingh Obc
Uniyara Normal Woman
Shahpura Obc
ladnun normal
Nasirabad Normal Woman

Jaipur Division
Khatushyamji SC Women
Bandikui SC Women
Chaksu SC
Pilani SC
Rajgarh SC
Jaipur Greater OBC Women
Jaipur Heritage OBC Women
Mahua Obc Women
Thanagaji Obc
Mandawa Obc
Fatehpur-Shekhawati OBC
Khairthal Obc
Shahpura (Jaipur) OBC
Udaipurwati OBC
Reangus Obc
kotputli normal woman
Kishangarhbas normal woman
Surajgarh Normal Women
Vidya Vihar Normal Woman
Tsinghua normal woman
Losal Normal Woman
Neemakathana normal woman
Lalsot normal woman
Dausa Normal Woman
Fulera Normal Woman
Viratnagar normal woman
Chamu Normal
samballak general
jobner general
Bugaru Normal
Kishangarh Renwal Normal
Alwar Normal
Khedli Normal
tijara normal
Bhiwadi Normal
sekar normal
Laxmangarh General
Ramgarh-Shekhawati General
Srimadhopur General
Khandela Normal
bissau general
Navalgarh General
spiming general
buggy normal
Mukundgarh General

Bikaner Division (Total Bodies – 30)
Bikaner Municipal Corporation Normal Women
Suratgarh SC
Rajaldesar SC Women
Anupgarh SC
Rawatsar SC
Sardulshahar OBC Women
Churu OBC Women
Srivijay Nagar OBC
Gajsinghpura OBC
Impressor Obc
Pilibanga Obc
Nohar Normal Women
Sriganganagar Normal Women
Rajgarh Churu Normal Woman
Kesari Singhpura Normal Woman
Suzannegarh Normal Women
Padampur Normal Women
Ratangarh General
Bidadar Normal
sangaria general
desnook general
Sridungargarh General
Ratannagar General
Sardar shahar general
Bhadra Normal
Raisinh Nagar General
Taranagar Normal
nokha normal
Srikaranpur General
Hanumangarh General

Jodhpur Division
Jodhpur North Municipal Corporation General Women
Jodhpur South Municipal Corporation General Women
Falna SC
Saddi SC Women
Jalore SC
Mount Abu ST
Aburod Obc
Poly OBC Women
Pipad City OBC Women
Bali Obc
Barmer Obc
Bhimmal Normal Women
Sumerpur Normal Women
Sojatcity Normal Women
Balotara Normal Woman
Pokhran Normal
bilada normal
phalodis normal
Jaisalmer Normal
Shivganj Normal
Sirohi Normal
Sanchior Normal
pindwara normal
Takhtgarh General
ranikhud normal
jaataran general

quota division
Kota North Municipal Corporation SC Women
Kota South Municipal Corporation General
Indragarh SC
Aklera SC
Baran SC Women
Kaparen SC
Keshavarayapatan SC
Nanwa Obc
Etawah OBC Women
Mangol OBC
Pindawa OBC
Sangod Normal Woman
Lakheri Normal Women
Bundi Normal Woman
Jhalarapatan Normal Woman
Ramganj Mandi Normal
anta normal
Jhalawar Normal
chaper normal
Bhawanimandi Normal
Kathoon Normal

Bharatpur Division (Total Bodies – 18)
Bharatpur Municipal Corporation SC
Rupbas SC Women
Body SC Women
Hindoncity SC
Var SC
Bhusawar SC
Sawai Madhopur SC
Nadbai OBC Women
Dig Obc
Karauli normal woman
Dholpur Normal Women
normal woman
city general
Rajakheda Normal
kumher normal
todabhim normal
Gangapur City General

Days after the decision to set up a Dae-Dae Municipal Corporation and Right-Right Mayor in three major cities of the state, Jaipur, Jadhpur Air Kata, the lotteries of all the 196 local bodies of the state were removed on Sunday evening. The bodies chiefs had a latries of 10 mayors, 34 chairmen and 152 municipal presidents. Out of 10 Mayors, 7 out of 10 Municipal Corporations of all divisional headquarters will become women. The names of the four mayors in three cities will be brought out, but they will have only one mayor of the common man, while three seats of the Jadhpur Daenanda and Bikaner Corporation will remain unreserved for the common women. rajasthan nagar palika election 2020 lottery results nagar nigam
Out of all the 10 posts of the Mayor, the names of OBCs and SCs came out three seats. This time, ajmer, Bikaner Ayar Kata North Corporation, including the Daenerys Corporation of Jaipur, Jadhpur, will be occupied by the woman mayor. One seat of the normal man will be only Kata South. 6 out of all 10 mayors got the names of the Latory Unreserved class. Out of these, 3 seats were named as OBCs and 3 SC categories. Out of 6 seats in the unreserved category, 2 are for women of 2 SCs. The names of the two municipal corporations of Jaipur were named after the LATRI OBC woman. Of the mayor’s total seats, 30 per cent came from SC category, 30 per cent were OBC names and 70 per cent of all women.
A child who draws the lottery of reservation in bodies in Jaipur.
Two mayors of the three major cities, including Jaipur, were left with the same category of lotteries.
The present Mayor, Chairman, Palika Chief and Commissioner of several cities, including the present Mayor of Jaipur, Vishnu Lata, had gathered in Jaipur since morning to witness the lottery process. As soon as the trends started at about 5 pm, the first trend was that Ajmer’s SC woman’s name was revealed. It was followed by Aas Jaipur. As soon as the names of the heritage corporation of Jaipur and the lottery of the Greater Jaipur Corporation were opened by the OBC woman, the leaders of several local governments, including Mayor Lata, left. Most said that the lotteries threw water on the Armaments. Even as the lotteries of the two corporations of the CM’s city of Jodhpur emerged, the leaders of Jodhpur left the two seats as the usual woman instead of the common man. Lottery Autonomous Governance Secretary Bhawani Singh Detha stepped out. Some even accused him of having obscuries and most of them getting the OBC lottery out.

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